What will the neighbours think…

I’m not sure what the neighbours will be thinking I’ve just been running through the tunes for the Celtarabia set through a 1k rig with multi-fx and 3 pickups on the gurdy in my upstairs studio in preparation for Beverley Folk Festival my ears are ringing and I can’t wait to play the gurdy is sounding sweet so ready to rock and roll!

Beverley Folk Festival Session at the Tiger

A fantastic night for some members of Celtarabia and friends playing in sessions at the Tiger – The session at the Tiger was really good fun with plenty of music being played until the wee hours – a special hello goes out to Jennie Beastie on fiddle, Amanda Lowe on hammer dulcimer, Helen on hammer dulcimer (two dulcimers together they sound awesome), Quentin on Cahon, Gordon on double Bass, Helen on violin and double bass Mike and Val from Cottingham and the inimitable Wainwright sisters Heather and Hannah the session at the Sun was full on and funky!