Celtarabia Sound System

The Celtarabia Sound System features dub tracks from Celtarabia Meets The Rootsman and music from the Cult of Audio album programmed beats and a heavy dance sound ideal for late night events at festivals and clubs. Expect to hear high energy world fusion music and heavy bass. East meets West, ancient meets modern to create a spectacular musical weave. Human creativity greets the digital age to make a unique mix of archaic melodies, ancient instruments and global beats in a truly exhilarating and unforgettable musical experience. Storming instrumental dance tracks and stunning vocals combined with a deep understanding of ancient traditions and modern technology have allowed Celtarabia to create music of breath-taking vision and richly layered textural and rhythmic complexity. Amanda Lowe’s stunning vocals Hurdy-Gurdy, Hammer Dulcimer, Low-Whistle, Cittern, Bag-pipes, Shawm and programmed beats contribute to the unique and exciting sound of the Celtarabia Sound System.

The Celtarabia Sound System has appeared at the Off The Tracks Festival and appears regularly at the Solfest.

Celtarabia have played at Dogs in Space in both their ‘sound system’ and ‘unplugged’ formats a number of times over the years and have gone down a storm every time!
Unplugged, they breathe fresh air into traditional and ancient folk tunes, combining skilled musicianship on instruments rarely heard with strong vocals and a brilliant sense of humour, to produce a set that has the audience dancing right from the word go.
In their sound system format, they go one step further, taking a traditional folk/dance sound as a starting point and skilfully augmenting that with solid trance and dub beats and basslines, bleeps and sequencing to produce a truly unique ‘sound’ that gets even the most dyed in the wool technoheads up and dancing to what is essentially, dance music from a forgotten time!
‘Electro folk’, ‘medieval techno’, call them what you like but these skilled exponents of ancient instruments and music are genuinely a pleasure to work with and to behold.
Michael Dog
Programmer of Dogs in Space, Solfest, Cumbria



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