This is the website for legendary world fusion band Celtarabia. Here you can find out more out about the band, listen to their music and get in touch with them. The rumours are true after a 10 year break they are back and playing live again. Celtarabia play high energy music for dancing.  The band guarantee a great night out. As Mojo described  it – from  ‘Erect medievalism to tribal dervish’. The band are consummate musicians and showmen ‘Expect to dance!’
Celtarabia play a wild fusion of Arabic, Andalucian, Celtic, Medieval music and contemporary beats designed to get bodies dancing. Some of this country’s finest world dance musicians play the wildest cross-over music being made in England today. Featuring Hurdy-Gurdy, Hammered Dulcimer, Vocals, Cittern, African and Arabic Percussion, Drum kit Didjeridu and Bass Guitar.

A very brief history of Celtarabia

Originally initiated by Quentin Budworth as an experiment into the fusion of cultural elements to create a new, very different acoustic dance music. The aim of the project is to present and popularise the universality and diversity of acoustic dance culture to audiences who would not normally have access to the performance of acoustic or indeed Arabo-European music. The project also aims to develop the performance and repertory of a new acoustic dance music which fuses traditional practices with developments made in the fields of contemporary.The band plays a wide range of unusual instruments in unusual ways in order to create a unique dance sound.

They have released four albums:

The Lost Music of Celtarabia GRINCD942

Ancient Forces OSMOCD011

Union of Souls Celtarabia Meets the Rootsman TEMCD013

Cult of audio GRINCD943

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