We had an awesome time at Beulah Festival

The word Beulah (pronounced BYOO-lah) is of Hebrew origin and means ‘to join’. In William Blake’s mythology it is ‘the realm of the subconscious, the source of poetic inspiration and of dreams.’

Beulah Gatherings are drug and alcohol free seasonal celebrations, bringinglike-minded people together.  Celebrating without drugs and alcohol allows more authentic connections to be made between people, which helps create good vibes. Partying in a conscious way is about getting out of your head in a different way. It’s about moving in to the full vividness and beauty of now.

BEULAH FESTIVAL is a family friendly celebration with a deep-rooted sense of community. We are in our third year and would love to welcome you to the beautiful Lime Tree Farm near Ripon.

Photographs by Rich Duffy Howard.


Celtarabia played a storming headline gig at Hull Folk Festival Mark Pollard organiser of The Hull Folk Festival described the performance in this way:

“After a full day of music and a fair bit of drinking, the crowd was starting to get itchy feet. The first signs were a bit of shuffling and swaying, which became more animated whenever an act performed an upbeat number, and ended up with people jigging and reeling at the front of the stage. By the time the final act was ready to play they really needed something more, though; something that would allow them to absolutely lose themselves in sound and rhythm. Thankfully, that final act were Celtarabia; right from the off the crowd became a seething mass of whirling dervishes, immersed in 45 minutes of hypnotic world and roots fusion. There really was no finer way to end the day!”
These photographs by Rich Duffy-Howard capture the atmosphere wonderfully…

Hull Folk Festival Film

July 21, 2016

A lovely film about this week’s Hull Folk Festival with somegreat footage of Celtarabia playing and the crowd dancing on this  film made by Mark Richardson for The Hull Folk and Maritime Festival – we had an amazing time playing there and get a mention mention towards the end of the film.

Another storming Celtarabia gig – this time headlining Saturday night at the Hull Folk and Maritime Festival. Such a terrific end to a glorious day at Hull Marina with an awesome audience who…

Source: Celtarabia at Hull Folk Festival 2016

Get yer dancing shoes it’s party time in Hull – Hull’s best kept secret – Celtarabia are headlining on saturday night at Hull Folk Festival here are the details The GMB Main Stage, 10.00pm – 10.45pm, Saturday 16th July 2016. The stage is just outside The Minerva Pub in the marina. This gig is free to the public so bag a bargain!

I’m not sure what the neighbours will be thinking I’ve just been running through the tunes for the Celtarabia set through a 1k rig with multi-fx and 3 pickups on the gurdy in my upstairs studio in preparation for Beverley Folk Festival my ears are ringing and I can’t wait to play the gurdy is sounding sweet so ready to rock and roll!

Beverley Folk Festival

June 12, 2016

Well next sunday at about 10pm we will be headlining at Beverley Folk Festival -it should be a great gig and it would be great to see you there – bring your dancing shoes and expect to dance. I think we are in the big top tent!