Celtarabia – a poem used as an introduction by Adrian Spendlow

Dynamic – complex
(where) East & West clash
Analogue & digital
Ancient & Modern
In yer face – Subtle
Hammer n Hurdy
Sweaty – No mercy
Stunning musicianship
Did I say stunning – Yes!
Stonking good dance
Throat grabbing – Hypnotic;
Vocals entrance
This is the culture
Of audio
Calling you
Get ready to party
Like an egg in a boine
Ancient voices
Call us from inside
Call us for – The Ride
Dr Q and his cohort,
Hurdy n hammer,
Out feet and our heart
Kick off with The Chanter
Dance is our mantra
Lose yourself with no fear
You can find out about Adrian Spendlow and read more of Adrian’s poetry at his website www.adrianspendlow.co.uk