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I found this amazing discussion about fusion music on ‘The Session’ website – it starts off with the following and gets more and more involved to see the full thread click here it starts in the following way…….

Hi all.

Does anyone have any ideas on why Irish music completely avoids some of the scales used in other musical traditions – for example “phrygian” scales with flat seconds etc..?

A couple of observations come to mind in this connection:

It seems that pretty much all the scales used in Irish music are used in Indian music, including the use of varying versions when ascending vs descending. Without wanting to offend anyone, I might say that the scales of Irish music form a kind of “subset” of the raga system of Indian classical music.

I’ve heard some amazing music by a group called “The lost music of Celtarabia.” Anyone else heard this and have any comments?

Thoughts/reflections appreciated.